Il campione di imprese

The METALnet 2005 survey was carried out on a statistically significant sample of 404 companies, which allowed sample data to be reported to the mechanical engineering companies included in the Ateco 2002 codes DJ, DK, DL and DM, with the exception of DL 33.1 - medical equipment, dental technicians and orthopaedic prosthesis manufacturers - which was excluded.
The aim of the methodology adopted is to estimate, with a relatively low probable error, the structural characteristics of metalworking enterprises, obtaining reliable statistics at provincial level, and information that cannot be inferred from official statistical sources referring to enterprises of all size classes, including smaller ones.
The method adopted also provides an opportunity to monitor structural changes in the sector over time.
In fact, the use of a statistically significant sample makes the data available for every possible periodic survey allowing a comparison with previous surveys. This make possible to observe the transformations taking place in the sector.